Mobile World Congress 2022 Barcelona

The recent Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona from February 28th until March 3rd. The IP Company attended this prime Congress as we are always on the look out for inspiration and new innovations. A special event within this congress was the 4YFN which was solely dedicated to the startup ecosystem. It aims to support startups, investors and companies to connect and launch new business ventures together.

This year’s main themes to be addressed at 4YFN were Digital Health, Impact, SportsTech, Investors, Communities and Diversity4Tech, among others. We had interesting meetings with suppliers who can enhance our Personal Track and Trace system with BLE battery powered stickers with a life expectancy of  2 years. With this technology we can not only trace the container itself but also its content. We can keep track if a container has been opened in transport or if a product has been removed. With this system we can immediately send a message so you can manage your production more efficiently.