Innovatie pitch at Logistiek centrum Woensdrecht

On March 24th The IP Company presented our new Personal Track and Trace system at the Logistic Centre Woensdrecht (LCW).  The IP Company was selected together with 8 other companies to pitch our innovative idea to LCW.

The 8 other companies selected to present their ideas were:

  • Aerospace Propulsion Products B.V.
  • DAF Trucks N.V.
  • Duration Energy B.V.
  • Faes
  • Future Learning B.V.
  • Nefab Packaging Netherlands B.V.
  • Variabel Europe B.V. – Eezeetags B.V.
  • VDL Automated Vehicles

Our innovation pitch was about our Location Based Services (Machine Learning application)

  • Locate crew members in case of emergencies. Be certain there are no crew members left behind when, for example, they’re closing off a compartment.
  • Locate critical assets anytime anywhere. No more endless searching for expensive or essential assets, get notified when assets are used and reduce your maintenance costs.

For more information, please download our PDF