ADTEL Phones

Designed for use in naval and military environments, ensuring reliable voice and data communication capabilities.

ADTEL Phones are advanced communication devices designed for use in naval and military environments, forming part of the wider WCS (Wireless Communication System). These phones offer seamless integration with the IP PABX software installed on VM-Servers, ensuring reliable voice and data communication capabilities.


Efficient Communication

ADTEL Phones facilitate efficient communication among personnel, enabling swift exchange of information and coordination of tasks.

User-Friendly Operation

With intuitive interfaces and simplified navigation, ADTEL Phones require minimal training for users, ensuring quick adoption and usability.

Centralized Management

The integration with the WCS management GUI allows for centralized configuration and management of ADTEL Phones, streamlining maintenance and troubleshooting processes.


Voice Functionality

ADTEL Phones offer a wide range of voice functionalities, including call transfer, call waiting, group/conference calling, push conferences and recording etc etc These features enable effective communication among users, both onboard and across different locations.

User-Friendly Interface

Each ADTEL Phone is equipped with its own user interface, making it easy to navigate and access essential functions. Users can switch between lines, transfer calls, and perform administrative tasks with ease, minimizing the need for extensive training.

Integration with WCS Management GUI

Configuration and management of ADTEL Phones are primarily done via the ADTEL/WCS management GUI. While the phones have their own web interface for troubleshooting, the main configuration tasks are streamlined through the centralized management system.

System Specifications

System Compatibility

Integrated with IP PABX software on VM-Servers

Voice Communication Protocols


Networking Support


QoS Support

IEEE 802.1p/Q

Management Interface

User Interface and Web-based management

How It Works

ADTEL Phones operate seamlessly within the WCS ecosystem, utilizing the IP PABX software installed on VM-Servers for voice communication. Users can access essential voice and data functionalities, including call management. Configuration and management tasks are primarily handled through the centralized ADTEL/WCS management GUI, ensuring streamlined operation and maintenance of the communication system.