Preparing for an upcoming Dutch government trade mission to South Korea

Following my recent participation in a masterclass on AI, the IP Company has taken a significant step forward in using this technology to bridge communication gaps. My latest adventure is that I’ve created an avatar that allows me to communicate fluently in Korean – a development that is particularly exciting as I prepare for an upcoming Dutch government trade mission to South Korea.

The creation process, facilitated by the experts at Corporate Trailer, has been a fascinating journey. Imagine telling a children’s story in front of a green screen, where every word and gesture has to be perfect. This particular process took about 20 minutes to capture the essence of my message without a single mistake.

Thanks to CorporateTrailer’s AI software and editing magic, the result was an avatar that not only resembles me, but also speaks fluent Korean.

This innovation is more than a technological achievement; it’s a new way to ensure that the message we want to convey resonates with our customers in South Korea on a very personal level.

The excitement I feel for this breakthrough is immense. This avatar is the power of AI to overcome language barriers, which makes our upcoming trade mission even more promising. It gives us the assurance that our international communication will be as effective and personal as if it were happening in person.