Fit20 program – an innovative fitness approach

At The IP Company, we’re passionate about the well-being of our team. That’s why we’re happy to announce our weekly commitment to the Fit20 program – an innovative fitness approach designed to keep us all in top shape!

What’s Fit20, you ask? It’s a revolutionary 20-minute workout routine that seamlessly integrates into our busy schedules. And the best part? It’s so low-impact that you can do it during office hours, suited up and all, without a drop of sweat.

Since we embarked on this journey in August 2023, the results speak for themselves – our team has not only seen an improvement in muscle mass but also experienced a significant reduction in physical complaints. Weekly progress without the hassle, Fit20 has become a game-changer for us.

We’re proud to be a workplace that not only drives innovation but also fosters a culture of health and fitness.