The IP Company Products

Wireless Communication & Messaging

The Wireless Communication & Messaging System (WCMS) developed by The IP Company ensures that information ends up directly at the right people. This can be mobilized immediately, not wasting valuable time. This efficiency will provide cost savings for additional personnel and limits possible damage.

What’UP Damage Control

What’UP is an automated self discovering damage control system. The What’UP damage control regulates, processes and analyses the impact of all selected operational functions and assesses any function suffering outages. Based on predefined scenarios What’UP effectively distributes tasks, alarms and warnings. It also controls messages to the responsible staff. Effective business continuity after a disaster is guaranteed with the What’UP messaging system. This is made possible by the automatic replication of the fail-over systems.

Handheld Devices

Endpoints are devices that are used for communication between people, for example a smart phone or a landline phone. Our system also supports a number of ruggedized devices. We also provide devices designed for extreme situations, such as ATEX devices. We secure the devices with a special login procedure, a user logs into an endpoint by using a unique code, it is than he will get, depending on his login credentials and his function at that moment, the right applications installed on his phone. If the user is logged-in he is ready to receive messages and calls.”

ADTEL Phones

The Polycom telephones are particularly easy to handle and each telephone has its own user interface. Switching between lines, call transfer and all other administrative functions, have proven to be user friendly – however, extensive manuals are available, if required. Although the phone has its own web interface, the main configuration is done via the ADTEL/WCS management GUI. The phone GUI will normally only be used for analysing failure situations.

Secure WiFi-Solutions

Fortinet’s philosophy has been from the start in 2002 to design a wireless solution that is ready for an all-wireless environment. This means a solution that provides high density access and perfectly supports voice and video application for these high number of users. In order to achieve this, they needed to get control of the network rather than having clients define the speed of the network, when to roam, where to roam, how to distribute themselves over the available resources and thus in essence, define how the user experiences the application.


The WCMS is a system for internal communication on board a ship platform. Of course there are circumstances where you wish to communicate with the outside world. For security reasons this type of communication will be handled through a gateway. A gateway can make a connection to the outside world through ordinary GSM but also through INMARSAT, irridium or UHF / VHF Radio. By making use of a gateway communication can be controlled and suspended when and if necessary.