The IP Company leads the way with an innovative system

Koninklijke Marine [Royal Netherlands Navy] very enthusiastic

The new Combat Support Ship (CSS) Zr.Ms. Den Helder, which the Netherlands Navy will be operating in the coming years, will hopefully be equipped with The IP Company’s Wireless Communication and Messaging System (WCMS). The Netherlands Navy uses the communication system on board the Zr. Ms. Karel Doorman and four Holland class patrol ships, and they had good experiences with it.

 “The advantage is simple: monitoring incoming fault and maintenance reports is no longer a main task, but a secondary task. As a result, we can work more effectively and free up one or two people on board for tasks and work that are even more important,” says Kevin Stouten, an officer on Zr.Ms.Holland who is responsible for the safety of the systems on board.

The IP Company’s innovative communication system was built into the construction of that ship. After seven years, the experiences are very positive, says Stouten. “In the past, all reports arrived in a control room that was constantly staffed by one or two people. They forwarded reports to crew members manually. Thanks to WCMS, this is no longer necessary. Nowadays, one person is responsible on a daily basis: this crew member logs into the system and receives notifications on a specially-secured smartphone or tablet. In the meantime, he or she is available for other activities. In short, crew members can be deployed much more flexibly.”

Greater safety

In addition to saving on personnel costs, WCMS contributes to greater safety on board. Sensors guarantee that dangerous situations are known at lightning speed. Moreover, the Technical Service has constant insight into maintenance reports so the chance of machines and equipment failing is extremely low. The crew also uses WCMS as a voice communication system. “For example, this is very handy if you work with machines that produce a lot of noise. You can then set up a group chat on the earphones of a headset.”

In the seven years that the Holland class has been working with WCMS, there have been no significant problems, says Stouten. “It is crucial that the Wi-Fi coverage on board is good; and despite all the steel, it is 100 percent.”

Stouten expects that automation on board naval vessels will continue to increase. The IP Company is prepared for this. WCMS is designed in such a way that it is easy to link to existing and new systems.

DSEi London

Tjeerd and Ronald visited the DSEi, one of the largest Defence and Security exhibitions in Europe. The ZrMs Zeeland was also on location and open for visitor tours. We were kindly given the opportunity to demonstrate our WCMS system onboard outside opening hours. We had a great audience from TNO, Damen Shipyards and

Johan de Witt conference and Open Harbour in Rotterdam

Today we attended the Johan de Wittconference. The theme was ‘dealing with China’. The interesting keynote by Jonathan Holslag and the excellent discussion afterwards made this event certainly worthwhile. Then transport by a tug to the Karel Doorman for the reception of the Netherlands Navy on the occasion of the open port of Rotterdam

Relatie vaardag of the Netherlands Navy

The IP Company is a leading company in wireless communication and messaging systems (WCMS) on board ships. We developed the WCMS communication system which enables voice and messaging communication between crew members, both in the administrative and operational domains. The system is one integrated system, which connects regular desk phones as well as wireless handheld devices. It is the result of combining vision and intelligence with over 20 years of experience. Passion and persistence in research on IP PBX and messaging technologies has resulted in a professional and specialized business based upon Open Source solutions.We solve specific problems by our unique custom made working method. We use the best software/hardware products for our solutions by thinking along with the client.


At the 21 organised a meeting to stimulate risk taking (durf in Dutch) within the armed forces. Many new initiatives fail due to a lack of courage and perseverance. It is precisely new developments that can make the difference. How can we stimulate developments with more daring without running excessive risks. Tjeerd de Groot attended on behalf of the IP Company

Annual Meeting of the Officers of the Technical Services of the Royal Netherlands Navy

The IP Company was asked to contribute to a small exhibition for the participants of the Annual Meeting of the Officers of the Technical Services of the Royal Netherlands Navy on the 22nd of November 2018. The IP Company demonstrated their ‘Wireless Communication System’ and had several discussions about new features that can be developed. In the coming months we will explore these suggestions and sketch a roadmap for the way ahead.

Participation in the Holland Pavilion of the NIDV at the Indodefence in Jakarta

From the 6th till the 9th of November the IP Company participated in the Holland Pavilion of the NIDV at the Indodefence in Jakarta. We explored the numerous new navy programmes in the Asian region. Several demonstrations were given and we met a lot of serious interest. The next step will be to find partners that are familiar in the region and can together with the IP Company implement the WCMS onboard of these new programmes.

The IP Company at the SMM Hamburg 2018

The IP Company was present at the international maritime trade fair, the SMM, that was held from 4th till the 7th of september. This two-yearly event took place in Hamburg where all maritime industry leaders and experts meet. Ronald and Tjeerd attended the SMM to meet partners and to discover industries newest developments. Next to this, Ronald and Tjeerd discussed the advantages of the Wireless Communication and Messaging System to various shipyards and system integrators. Promising contacts with several parties were established. On Tuesday night they attended an ‘startup event’ on board the M-frigate HMS Van Amstel. Various pitches were given and the difficulties of startups in the huge maritime market were discussed. On Wednesday night Ronald and Tjeerd attended the VIP reception hosted by the Netherlands Embassy also onboard HMS Van Amstel.

NIDV project day

Today the NIDV project day was held in the new head office of DMO in the Kromhout Kazerne Utrecht.

Together with DMO, participants have been informed about future projects. Special attention was payed to the IT infrastructure and the Security thereof. It also became clear that the Ministry of Defense is keen to seek cooperation with the business community and in particular innovative companies that offer added value.