Handheld Devices


Handhelds are devices that are used for communication between people, for example a smart phone or a landline phone. Our system also supports a number of ruggedized devices. We also provide devices designed for extreme situations, such as ATEX devices. We secure the devices with a special login procedure, a user logs into an endpoint by using a unique code, it is than he will get, depending on his login credentials and his function at that moment, the right applications installed on his phone. If the user is logged-in he is ready to receive messages and calls.”

The best quality headsets

The IP  company provides special modified headsets of the leading headset providers. We use Peltor Tactical headsets and Ceotronics heavy duty headsets. The headsets are turned to give you the idea that you are engaging in a “face-to-face conversation”. For all headsets we are using an Ultra noise cancelling microphone. We will be happy to advise you about the possibilities.

High-quality handhelds 

Our handhelds are special selected ruggedized handhelds running on an Android OS system with special linux driver development (developed by the IP Company) for security and reduced power consumption. Our handhelds are the seamlessly integrated end points of the complete wireless communication system.